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For the 2021-2022 edition of the new Executive Master in Management and Innovation Design – MIND, our partner company Fincantieri S.p.A. provides two grants valued at EUR 15,000.00 each to be assigned to ‘open’ candidates.

The ‘open’ grants are made available, and provided upon acceptance, to the first suitable candidates on the basis of the ranking established by the examining commission of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (for the detailed description of the evaluation procedures, please refer to the Call for Applications).

The appointment of the scholarship is subject to the prior acceptance by the candidates of an agreement arranged by Fincantieri.

The ‘open’ candidates who are the assignees of the grants made available by Fincantieri will carry out their curricular internship, pursuant to art. 18 of Law 196 of 24 June 1997 and subsequent amendments, at the company's headquarters or offices in Trieste according to procedures to be settled within a special agreement with the company.

The internship will be carried out within the offices most involved in research and innovation activities and, if successful, the candidate will be considered for a full-time position at Fincantieri. If Fincantieri will decide to offer such a position, a failure to accept it by the candidate will result in the forfeiting of the scholarship.

In the event that Fincantieri intends to host one or more students during the first edition of Master MIND, the “curricular internship” will be managed by a special agreement, which will also oversee the aspects relating to any rights of privacy and confidentiality connected to the information to which each student, as well as the relative teachers and/or tutors, could have access.

It is also understood that Fincantieri will have the authority to approve any publications in advance, including the final draft of the students’ project work. Furthermore, with respect to the right of publication and to authors’ copyrights, the full ownership of any results that can be protected under current legislation, or usable through secrecy, will be entirely up to Fincantieri.

In order to apply, simply state your interest in competing for the assignment of one of the two grants during the application process. Candidates that will be indicating their willingness to apply, will be contacted by Fincantieri, and asked to undergo a supplementary selection process, with the goal of selecting the two recipients for the scholarship.