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The Institute of Management is active in the field of management in the context of private and public organizations as support to a renewed entrepreneurship, in a synergetic perspective, among businesses, institutions, and research.

The research activities of the Institute's scholars’ cover three critical areas: innovation, sustainability, and healthcare. These areas have a crucial impact on countries’ competitiveness, the quality of life of billions of people, and the research of sustainable solutions for the reduction of inequalities.

Researchers at the Institute are also very eager in creating a concrete and relevant socio-economic impact through several different channels; one of these is education. Hundreds of young students have been trained at the Institute of Management, and now hold key positions in important companies and institutions.


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The Stanford Center for Professional Development is a global leader in innovative education and has decades of experience bringing Stanford’s teaching, research, innovation mindsets, and practices to industry professionals around the globe. Stanford Center for Professional Development draws on world-class educators and great minds from across Stanford University and builds strong networks and affinities with Silicon Valley and key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. 

Master MIND will include a number of elements delivered by the Stanford Center for Professional Development. These will include 4 days on the Stanford campus, visiting Stanford faculty who will teach at Florence, and a variety of online resources and programs focused on innovation and entrepreneurship.